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Upon working with over 800 schools during the past 25 years, we are proud to be the Northeast's most trusted choice for all things RtI!

Who We Are and Why are We Different

Within the industry of education, assessment tools, curricula, instructional strategies, and buzzwords are here today, gone tomorrow.

For those on the frontlines working tirelessly to improve learning outcomes for students, these shifts are frustrating and sometimes, downright infuriating. But…what if there were eternal verities in education…that is, research-supported principles and practices that will stand the test of time?

Professional Development, Guidance, & Support

We are dedicated to helping administrators, teachers, and support personnel improve academic outcomes for all students using the best of scientifically-based principles and practices in education

An Effective and Efficient
Decision-Making Process

IDEAL helps staff streamline
Problem Identification so that more time
is spent on Problem Solution.

Empowering Educators to Help All of their Students Succeed

IDEAL guides and supports teachers and specialists so that they are comfortable using research-based strategies to differentiate and/or intensify instruction across all Tiers within a MTSS framework.

Cost Effective,
Long-Term Assistance

IDEAL offers on-going affordable assistance to district and building leaders to help them avoid professional drift over time, thus assuring all schools continue to use best principles and practices associated with RtI and MTSS.


SPS works seamlessly with numerous, standardized universal screening & progress monitoring measures.

Since the original Launch in 2007, the IDEAL team has worked closely with building leaders, teachers, and specialists
to develop a system that would make data-based decision making manageable for all educators. The end result is a "performance" system that offers today's busy educators a streamlined approach for producing reports, tables,
and charts that summarize students' academic growth across time.

Acadience Reading and Math

DIBELS-8th Edition

i-Ready Reading & Math Diagnostic

FastBridge Learning (FAST)

Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM) of Early Literacy, Reading, Early Numeracy, Math, & Written Expression

Phonics Diagnostic Inventory (PDI) – Beginning & Intermediate Reading Stages

Group Reading Assessment and Diagnostic Evaluation (GRADE)

The Fountas & Pinnell Benchmark Assessment Systems

The Student Risk Screening Scale – Internalizing and Externalizing (SRSS-IE)


IDEAL provides professional development and on-going consultative support on the following topics

Implementing a Research-Based Assessment System

IDEAL consultants can help your school to administer, score, and interpret data from universal screening, progress monitoring, and diagnostic measures. We provide guidance and support for Grade-Level Data Meetings, Progress Monitoring Meetings, and Instructional Planning Meetings. Our SPS database will effectively track, summarize, and report student achievement information.

Developing and Sustaining a
Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS),
including a Three-Tier Intervention Model

IDEAL consultants will help building leaders develop master schedules to assure all students are receiving a proper balance of adult-led whole-group instruction, adult-led small-group instruction, and student-led small-group workstations. Teachers and support personnel will also receive guidance and support to assure they are explicitly, directly, and systematically teaching the core skills across the Five Components of Reading using strategies from
30+ years of reading research.

Using Data-Based Decision Making &
Science of Reading (SOR)
to Effectively Intensify Instruction
for All Learners

IDEAL consultants can provide quality professional development and follow-up meetings so that teachers and support personnel can develop a heightened understanding of how to target and teach specific skills during small-group instructional time. More specifically, staff will be taught how to use diagnostic data, research-supported scope and sequences, and SOR strategies to help all students master critical skills across the domains of Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension.

Re-engineering the
Instructional Support Team (IST) Process
as a Component of RtI

IDEAL consultants can assist your school’s IST facilitators so that they more effectively and efficiently drive your school’s IST process. To accomplish this, IDEAL consultants will work closely with your school’s IST members as they learn how to implement a digitally enhanced, data-based, decision-making approach to define students’ achievement and social/emotional/behavioral problems, develop meaningful goals, design effective support plans, and monitor students’ progress on a regular basis. Moreover, the resulting
re-engineered process will allow your students’ IST records to be easily accessed across grades and schools within a district!

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What key stakeholders are saying about us

We partnered with IDEAL Consulting Services 11 years ago for data collection, data meeting structuring, and small group direct reading instruction, and the results have been outstanding. Their team's expertise in these areas transformed our approach to literacy instruction at the elementary level. Their guidance in analyzing data and setting up targeted instruction made a significant difference in our students' reading progress…

Michelle Kelly

Director of Elementary Education
Levittown Public Schools

Five years ago, we determined our school district had a literacy emergency and needed to revamp literally everything about the way we understood, delivered, assessed, monitored, and responded to literacy instruction. We knew that choosing the right consultants and partners in this strategic, systemic, and critically important work would be paramount. This is why the first call we made was to IDEAL Consulting Services and Dr. Parker. Now, four years later, we have a robust literacy action plan inspiring our benchmark and progress monitoring assessment systems, the implementation of high-quality instructional materials across all tiers of support, and a commitment to consistent and effective small group reading instruction.

Dr. Amy Hartley-Matteson

Assistant Superintendent
Randolph Public Schools

At IDEAL, they are more than just consultants; they are partners in educational excellence. Their dedication to improving academic outcomes for struggling children is unparalleled. Working with Dr. Parker helped our district to implement a research-based assessment system that has transformed our approach to student assessment, providing us with the tools to effectively track, summarize, and report student achievement information through their Student Performance System (SPS). By facilitating grade-level data meetings, Dr. Parker has also helped us differentiate instruction, strengthen core instruction, and re-engineer our Instructional Support Team (IST) Process.

Lindsay McDermott

Reading Specialist
Roslyn Public Schools

Having worked with IDEAL Consulting Services over the past 20 years, I can confidently say that Dr. Parker and his team's expertise in implementing Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) alongside explicit and systematic instruction has been transformative for our school. Their dedication to understanding our unique needs and crafting tailored solutions has resulted in significant improvements in student outcomes. The Student Performing System (SPS) has streamlined our approach, providing actionable insights that further inform our decision-making processes and maximize the effectiveness of our MTSS implementation. Dr. Parker and his team have truly been invaluable partners in our journey towards ensuring academic excellence for all students.

Sarah McIsaac

Lynn Public Schools

IDEAL Consulting, particularly their Student Performance System (SPS), has revolutionized the way we approach literacy education in our school district. SPS isn't just a database; it's a powerful tool that empowers teachers to track and analyze student literacy data with unprecedented depth and clarity. The ability to generate customized graphs, charts, and tables allows us to visualize benchmark data, growth trajectories, and progress monitoring caseloads with ease. This level of granularity enables us to identify trends, pinpoint areas of concern, and make data-driven decisions to effectively support our students' literacy development.

Shalem Livingston

Instructional Coach & Licensed Reading Specialist
Randolph Public Schools

Partnering with IDEAL Consulting has helped our educators take reading assessment, instruction, and intervention to new levels for the benefit of all of our students. Dr. Parker and his team have worked closely with our dedicated teachers and administrators to help us harness the power of assessments and data and to center our instructional priorities around evidence-driven, responsive practices…

Jessica Keegan

Director of Elementary Teaching & Learning

Diane Provvido

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction

Oceanside Public Schools

Dr. Parker and his team at IDEAL Consulting Services were instrumental in moving my school forward as it relates to student data and the use of data to create effective small groups. His extensive knowledge and ability to effectively communicate with my staff helped them feel confident in analyzing their data, both to create groups and to determine an instructional focus. His work here at Washington STEM helped to set the foundation for how we look at data to inform how we organize our small groups in reading.

Anthony Frye

Lynn Public Schools


Our hard working team

Christopher Parker, Ph.D.


Christopher Parker is President and the Lead Educational Consultant for IDEAL Consulting Services, Inc. Dr. Parker has guided and supported educators in well over 800 schools throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic states as they affect changes in their general education and special education approaches to students’ achievement and social emotional learning difficulties. In addition, he has served as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for his local school district. Dr. Parker’s areas of expertise include the use of General Outcome Indicators (e.g., Curriculum-Based Measures, Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills, and Acadience Reading) within a Problem-Solving Assessment Approach, the science of reading, effective instructional practices for diverse learners, the implementation of Instructional Support Teams, and principles and practices related to a Response to Instruction (RtI) model. His current research interests involve the development of technically adequate measures of vocabulary skills for young children at risk for reading disabilities, and the effects of early intervention approaches on students’ long-term reading and social-emotional outcomes. Dr. Parker has B.A. and M.A. degrees in Child Study from Tufts University, a C.A.G.S. degree in School Psychology from Northeastern University, and a Ph.D. degree in School Psychology from the University of Oregon. He is also a Massachusetts certified early elementary education teacher, school psychologist, director of curriculum and instruction, and superintendent. Lastly, Dr. Parker is Vice President of the Africa Teacher Foundation (ATF), a non-profit company which provides professional development opportunities for educators throughout East Africa.


Joshua Hayston

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Joshua serves as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), where he heads up the development and maintenance of the company's flagship software "Student Performance System (SPS). With a passion for education technology, Joshua oversees all aspects of the system's life cycle, from initial concept and design to ongoing maintenance and security. Through his vision and technical expertise, the Student Performance System has become a trusted tool for educators and administrators, helping to improve student outcomes across the country.

Leah Perrydore

Customer Success Manager

Leah brings a strong background in data management to her role as a Customer Success Manager at IDEAL Consulting Services. She serves as the main point of contact, assisting teachers and administrators in navigating the Student Performance System (SPS) platform and providing basic technical support. Leah's expertise extends to creating impactful presentations used in Grade Level Data Meetings, facilitating data-driven discussions and decision-making. She is deeply committed to driving customer satisfaction and contributing to IDEAL's growth and success.


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